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Mechanical and Piping Works:

  • Supply, installation and maintenance of power plants (diesel generators), pumping stations and sewage purification facilities
  • Fabrication, supply and installation of mechanical equipment, water, fuel, gas, steam pipes, including high pressure pipes suitable for radiography, ultrasound and other tests
  • Supply, installation and assembly of rotating equipment - e.g., machines, turbines - including leveling, balancing, commissioning and operation
  • Supply and installation of pumping stations for water, fuel, sewage, including fabrication and installation of manifolds, measurement systems and instrumentation
  • Supply and installation of laboratory equipment, including copper, PVC, polypropylene and other tubing, and assembly of laboratory equipment and instruments
  • Supply, installation and assembly of stainless steel pipes for various pressure ratings, including clean pipes, as well as high temperature pipes made of specialty alloys (Inconel, Incolloy)
  • Routine maintenance service for institutions and factories, with continuous presence of work teams at the sites according to annual contracts, including execution of modifications, upgrades and additions


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