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Laboratories Monitoring and Control:

A computerized warning system that alerts of faults in refrigerators, freezers, incubators, air conditioning systems and electric power supply. The system is decentralized and uses sophisticated end units that are connected to a central computer. Temperature sensors and electric system and air conditioning system status indicators are connected to the end units. An allowable range is defined for each measured value (set by the operator). Any deviation from the normal range activates a horn and sends a message to the person in charge, which includes details of the faulty appliance and the nature of the fault. The computer sends an updated message at time intervals that are set by the user, providing the maintenance personnel with updated information and enabling them to set action priorities. The system's reports and charts generator can provide historical and statistical information on the appliances operation. The system is based on "Mivnit 4000" software platform' which uses the WINDOWS environment for simplicity of use and graphical user interface. This software application was developed and specified for laboratories and offers 100% detection rate and 0% false alarms.