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Air Cargo security checking facilities:

The simulation (decompression) chamber is used to subject air cargo to a simulation of the flight pressure variation pattern, such that explosive charges with barometric triggers would not explode in mid-flight. The system is tailored to customer's needs, and enables inspection processes according to specific requirements, including setting the number and rate of take-offs and landings, flight height and duration, etc. The system allows full control of the air cargo security checks. The MMI interface enables monitoring of the process and generation of reports and charts. Control of the system is both local and remote, e.g., from El-Al's Israel offices. The system is approved by the El-Al security authorities, and is installed by E.D.I.G. at El-Al's cargo stations worldwide. E.D.I.G. has also supplied simulation chambers to other clients abroad, such as Rome's Airports Authority and other airports in Italy. EDIG provides full service and technical support for the chambers worldwide.

Presure room