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Municipal Sewage Systems:

The pumping station and the control system are supplied by E.D.I.G. to clients as turn-key projects. All the mechanical and electrical systems are installed by E.D.I.G. to accommodate customer's requirements.
The control system controls the sewage and drainage stations all over the city via wireless communication. The MMI interface presents the status of each station and enables turning devices on and off. Alerts of malfunctions are directed to the monitor and to beepers or other devices. Each station comprises several pumps that transfer the sewage through delivery pipes to reservoirs. A control board operates the pumps according to the sewage level at the station. System malfunctions (e.g., pump or power failures) can causesewage overflow.
"Mivnit 4000" alerts immediately of any malfunction at the station, counts the pumps activations and their duration, and presents all the stations' status on the city map. A wireless end unit is installed in each station, and line communication can also be installed per requirement. A control center at the municipal sewage department comprises a PC with the control software and a wireless decoder. All the data is stored on disc, and is available for generation of reports, charts or logs as defined by the user.